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  - I am always looking for ways to help become a sustainable brand. One of the ways I am doing this is by expanding my ranges that use recycled gemstones, purchased from auctions and tested by a certified gemmologist. Alongside my recycled gemstone range I have been working on a range that will be all female sourced and made - I have bought garnets from a mine in Tanzania that are mined only by women, Moyo gems is an ethical gemstone collaboration that empowers women to work safely, improve their financial stability and create stable markets for fair trade. I will also be using diamonds cut by the only female diamond cutter in the UK - Ilana Belsky.

- I have just returned from my second Top Drawer exhibition. It is hard work and I have to make sure that I have 1 of everything in the brochure, but it is always worth it, and after the last year and half, it was so good to see stockists again and show them everything that I have been working on. I was unsure how busy it would be due to COVID but there was a really great turn out and met some lovely new stockists - please see my stockists page to find out the nearest outlet to you!

- I have stocked Iapetus gallery, online and in their Worcester and Great Malvern stores now for over 5 years. The owners are passionate about trying to do their part to help with the refugee crisis. They have joined forces with a great charity called People in Motion and I have created a range of jewellery with them to help raise much needed funds. The jewellery can be purchased online from or in store at thier Great Malvern branch. You can also find out more about the refugee crisis and People in Motion at

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